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With Monika Ghent
Red Pine – “Inner Unity”

The Tree Spirit Medicine of Red Pine is inner unity. Red Pine helps weave together all the seemingly contradictory and conflictual parts within you – the exalted and the reviled, the claimed and the orphaned, the nourished and the starved – into a unified whole. When all the discordant parts are coalesced within, you become attuned with the resonant signature of your heart-truth and your inherent gifts and capacities are clearly revealed. Liberated from the suffering caused by inner disunity, life becomes more joy-filled, and in the peaceful sanctuary of your inmost nature you are no longer a stranger to yourself.

The workshop will begin with a connective exercise with the Red Pine who has offered to be our teacher for this workshop. Afterwards, participants will directly experience Red Pine’s gifts of healing, wisdom and guidance through distance transmission through Monika. Experiences will then be shared and interpreted that we may all learn from each other the depth and breadth of Red Pine’s Tree Spirit Medicine.

Once you have received the Tree Spirit Medicine of Red Pine, it will be with you always whenever you need its medicine, guidance and support.

The format for this workshop will be virtual via Zoom. There is no need to worry if you are not tech savvy! Once you sign up for the workshop, you will be sent a zoom link and all you need do is click on it to be taken directly to the virtual Red Pine workshop.


Saturday, February 13th, 11 am – 5 pm &
Sunday, February 21st, 12 – 3 pm.

February 21st is optional. It is an opportunity for anyone who was not able to complete their sharing during the workshop to do so, and for participants to reconnect.


Location: The Zoom Universe
Instructor: Monika Ghent
Cost: $95.00

For more information and to register, contact: