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Traditional Tibetan Herbalist

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Herbalist’s Bio:

“Born in India to parents of Tibetan heritage, I joined the Sed-gyud monastery at 12 years of age, and engaged in Buddhist studies for the subsequent eleven years.  In the year 2000, by a casual meeting with a great Tibetan doctor, I became immensely captivated at the depth and wisdom of traditional Tibetan medicine.  Determined to study traditional Tibetan medicine, I applied for admission to the Men Tsee Khang, the Tibetan medical college in Dharmsala, India after a year of fulfilling the prerequisites for admission and enrolled to the college in 2001. 

The Tibetan medicine program is a five-year course with a one year internship. The curriculum was an eye opener as I began to understand the relationship between diet, emotions, temperament, and physical wellbeing. Techniques such as pulse reading which gives a completely accurate picture of the state of the major bodily organs is the main method of diagnosis in Tibetan medicine, something which I learnt over the course of years. In addition, I gained a familiarity of the flora of the Himalayan and Indian subcontinent and the therapeutic value of the herbs within the region.  Studying Tibetan medicine, with its non-invasive methods of diagnosing illness has enabled me to treat diseases while understanding their roots causes.

I completed my medical school in the year 2007 and did a year-long internship in India, under the guidance of senior doctors. I graduated with 2nd division in the year 2008 and began immediately working in Men Tse Khang’s Bangalore branch clinic and subsequently in Hyderabad as the chief Tibetan doctor.  I worked in Hyderabad for eight years wholeheartedly for the benefit of thousands of patients.

I moved to Canada in 2016 and registered at the Ontario Herbalist Association.  I continue practicing Tibetan medicine.”