Ontario Herbalists Association

Promoting safe & natural healing with plants since 1982

Spirit of the Earth
The Living Centre & Living Arts Institute
London, ON




Herbalist’s Bio:

“I started studying herbalism in the 1970s. Eventually, I went through the Dominion Herbal College educational program in the early 1980s. I apprenticed with a few herbalists in the early days. I lived and worked in various wholistic educational centres and ecological communities before I opened up The Living Centre in the spring of 1983.

A past Vice-President of the Ontario Herbalists’ Association (OHA) and served on the OHA board for ten years. A Professional Member of the Ontario Herbalist Association for over 40 years. I have dedicated to providing an integrated preventative approach to well being, applying the healing wisdom of the East and West. I formulate and dispense my herbal preparations, “HerbSpirit Botanicals.”

My approach is quite simple; it is for a deepening of connection between person and plant. The intention is to support the energetic pathways to be activated, charged, and radiance to flow. The core principles are to help the individual according to their genetic constitution and for their who organism to regenerate, become resilient their brilliance to shine—always working towards supporting the individual to reach their full potential.

I combine my passion for herbalism, plant medicine, wild edible nutrition and forest gardening with newly emerging scientific information from many fields – Ecological Medicine, Resilience Science, Deep Ecology, Regenerative Design, Living Nutrition, Deep Organic Medicine, Bioregionalism, Natural Health Science and the visionary solutions from the Bioneers. Visioning to reveal a regenerative path toward better stewardship of the natural world. I am truly a spiritual activist at heart.”