Ontario Herbalists Association

Promoting safe & natural healing with plants since 1982

President: Rick DeSylva, DNM, CH, RH

RickDeSylvaRick has been involved in the natural health food industry for over 30 years, both as a registered herbalist, and as a manufacturer of premium quality NHP’s made from wild-crafted and certified organically grown botanicals. He is a founding member of the Ontario Herbalists Association (OHA), the Canadian Council of Herbalist Association (CCHA),and sits on their Board(s), as well as that of the Ontario Doctors of Natural Medicine Association (ODNMA), and the Natural Health Products Protection Association (NHPPA)

Rick practices a branch of herbalism known as botanic medicine, which views herbs as very specialized foods for the cells of the body. He has lectured on this topic in Australia, Russia, the USA and Canada, and continues to teach and write about this discipline in various magazines, and schools of natural healing. His company, The Herb Works is located in Rockwood, Ontario, where he specializes in treating chronic degenerative ailments.