Ontario Herbalists Association

Promoting safe & natural healing with plants since 1982


Our Mission


  • To promote a unified community based on a devotion to the knowledge and practice of herbal medicine
  • To advance high standards of education, professional practice, and ethics in herbal medicine
  • To serve as a herbal medicine resource


  • To preserve herbalism’s diversity in all it’s ethnic, cultural and philosophical traditions
  • To promote public awareness of herbalists and herbalism
  • To establish self-regulation and standards of education and training, codes of ethics and practice, and certification for professional herbalists practising in Ontario
  • To disseminate a deep knowledge base of herbal medicine through promotional and educational materials
  • To enhance communication among herbalists and herbal enthusiasts
  • To represent herb enthusiasts and professional herbalists in negotiations with government regulatory bodies
  • To teach awareness and protection of medicinal plant species
  • To support ethical research in herbal medicine
  • To provide leadership and direction for herbalism in the 21st Century