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Continuing Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements are set at 20 hours per year. Unless otherwise stated, an hour of credit time equals an hour of actual time spent at a particular activity. For example, a four hour seminar would equal four hours of credit. Each year, professional members are asked to send in their completed hours of credit and proof (a photocopy or scan of a certificate or receipt) along with their renewal of membership. The OHA reserves the right to ensure that credits listed by members have actually been completed. Exemptions to these requirements will be determined by the board of directors (in the absence of a CPD committee) on a case by case basis.

Category A

Core subject seminars, classes and apprenticeships:
(one hour of credit per hour of activity up to a maximum of twenty hours, excluding meals and breaks)

  1. OHA seminars and lectures
  2. Herbal courses from OHA approved schools (in class or distance learning):
    Dominion Herbal College, College of Phytotherapy, UK, Mohawk College, Living Earth, Wild Rose.
  3. Other herbal courses recognized by the OHA, AHG or NIMH (in class or distance learning)
  4. Post-graduate apprenticeships/training with professional herbalists

Category B

Adjunct classes, primary research, developing courses and publishing:
(one hour of credit per hour of activity up to a maximum of ten hours, excluding meals and breaks)

  1. Practice building courses (in class or distance learning, webinars or eAudio books): public speaking, small business courses, Bach flower remedies, homeopathy, massage therapy, aromatherapy, first aid/CPR, nutrition, plant saver, medicine, etc.
  2. Documented research projects in herbal medicine or related health field
  3. Research that culminates in a manuscript or written work
  4. Research that culminates in developing course work or teaching materials
  5. Writing as a contributing author in a larger academic work for publication
  6. Writing for publication in professional peer-reviewed publications

Category C

Teaching, mentoring, volunteering, and reading:
(0.5 hours of credit per hour of activity up to a maximum of ten hours)

  1. Teaching classes in herbal medicine or related health fields
  2. Attendance at OHA annual general meetings and OHA Professional Members meetings
  3. Participating in OHA committees, subcommittees or other OHA volunteer activities
  4. Mentoring post-graduate apprenticeships
  5. Reading that relates to any aspect of herbal practice (bibliography must be submitted).


CPD Credits & COVID-19: As many in-person seminars and events have been cancelled due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the OHA has compiled a list of resources that may help contribute to CPD credits. Click here for more information.

Fill out the form below, or download, print and mail/email the Continuing Professional Development Record of Hours.

Continuing Professional Development Record
Minimum credits required: 20 hours per year. Photocopies of certificates and/or receipts and bibliography (if applicable) must be submitted. Please list each activity under the appropriate category, together with the hours completed. (Continue on a separate page if necessary).
Category A (Core subject seminars, classes, apprenticeships):
Category B (Adjunct classes, primary research, developing courses, publishing):
Category C (Teaching, Mentoring, Reading, OHA Meetings):
Copy of receipt or certificate
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Copy of receipt or certificate
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