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Naomi Lynne Woodward, RH
Moonstar Herbalism
Rockwood, ON

IG: moonstar_herbalism

I’ve been fascinated with plants my whole life, initially pursuing organic vegetable farming and permaculture. I kept finding myself curious about ALL the plants around, not just the ones that we were cultivating. Discovering the harmony and synergy between plants and other plants, alongside our own interdependence with the plant world opened up an exciting world for me.

My clinical studies were done with Elderberry Clinic based in Peterborough, Ontario. Over the course of that program, the mentorship received built for me a strong foundational understanding of clinical practice. Pairing well with my previous knowledge on lifestyle, nutrition and supplemental health; these herbal wisdoms have harmonized for me to be able to provide support on a wide array of experiences happening, in a whole embodied way of health and wellness.

As a Canadian with German heritage, I continue to learn about my ancestral ways of approaching balanced being. I include Biodynamic Medicine and Astro-Herbalism practices into my consultation and formulation process, nurturing an awareness of herbal energetics in relationship to the body, earth, and cosmos.

With deep respect to the land and its stories, I carefully tread in reciprocity to home, place and all its inhabitants.