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Monday, December 3, 2020,

5am EST (8pm Queensland, Australia)

Online Webinar

Mills & Bone Go Post Viral

An Interactive Webinar on the Fallout from Covid-19:
Exclusively for Practitioners

Kerry Bone and Simon Mills will share their insights into the latest information coming in from the clinical frontline and research efforts across the world concerning the long-term consequences of Covid-19 infection in this online masterclass.

In spite of recent news about prospective vaccines some authors suggest we will still face a tsunami of Covid-related post viral syndrome, morphing into chronic fatigue syndrome. How do we as herbal practitioners help manage this? How different is this from other chronic problems we have helped? What organs and tissues does Covid-19 infection particularly damage and could herbs and diet help with their recovery? Can we adapt our traditional approaches to improving resilience in the face of this coronavirus, or even preparing our patients for future vaccines? What unique herbal tools can we bring to this work? These and other related issues will be addressed in this 2-hour event.

As a bonus, when you purchase a ticket to this event you will automatically receive access to the first Mills and Bone event recording, Mills and Bone Go Viral.

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