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Applying for Professional Membership

What You Need to Know:

Applicants for professional membership in the OHA must satisfy OHA Educational Standards, and practice in accordance with the professional Code of Ethics, Code of Practice and Scope of Practice.

Please note that membership in other professional associations, regardless of required standards, does not necessarily mean automatic acceptance as a professional member of the OHA. Supporting evidence of education and practice will be required.

The application process to become a professional member requires  the applicant to complete and submit an application package. A complete package contains payment for application processing, and all required documents outlined in the Application Procedure.

Application packages will be checked for completion, including he required non- refundable processing fee of $56.50, which must be submitted prior to review. Complete application packages will be reviewed three times a year. Package submissions must be completed prior to the review dates for eligibility.

Upcoming Review Dates : TBD

Professional Members of the Ontario Herbalists Association are required to submit professional dues ($254.25) and record of Continuing Professional Development hours, annually. They are also required to abide by the OHA’s Code of Ethics and Code of Practice at all times.

Application Procedure:

The procedure for applying for Professional Membership with the Ontario Herbalists Association is outlined on the Application Procedure page:

Application Procedure for Professional Membership

Additional Documents for Professional Members:

Liability Insurance
Continuing Professional Development
Disciplinary Procedures

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