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Herbalist’s Bio:

Dr. Khenrab Gyamtso

“I was born in Tibet and completed my education and training from Men-Tsee-Khang – Tibetan Medical and Astro Institute, in Dharamsala, India, earning the Menrampa degree of Tibetan Medicine. I was a senior lecturer and vice principal of Men-Tsee-Khang India for 18 years, including senior teacher for the annual medicinal plant expeditions. I enjoy international collaborations as a Tibetan Medical practitioner and research investigator, as well as writing books on Tibetan medicine. I enjoy participating in educational seminars and giving lectures and consultations in Europe and North America. In addition to my medical practice, I am also committed to serving our Tibetan community in various capacities. At present, I work at the Tibetan Traditional Herbal Centre based in Toronto, Canada as licensed holistic practitioner.

I decided to become a registered herbalist to join a community of practitioners dedicated to providing healthcare through herbalism from a variety of traditions. My approach to herbal medicine derives from a 2,000 year history of the development of Tibetan medicine using herbal resources endemic to the unique geography and ecology of the Tibetan plateau, and incorporated as a central hub on the Silk Route with herbal resources from throughout South, East and Central Asia. The understanding of the functional activities of herbs in the Tibetan medical tradition, and how herbs are compounded together to make formulas, originates from theory around how specific tastes, post-digestive tastes and potencies characterized for each herb initiate a cascade of biochemical activities and activate specific physiological pathways recognized by the Tibetan medical tradition. The approach focuses on maintaining health and vitality for those who are healthy and addressing imbalances for those experiencing disease and imbalance. 

A typical Tibetan medical consultation involves assessing the patient’s pulse, tongue and urine, asking questions about their medical history, current diet and lifestyle, and social and environmental context. Depending on the condition, the patient is provided dietary and lifestyle guidance, as well as several herbal formulas with duration and frequency specific to their condition. They will be asked to return for a checkup and potential alteration of the formula regimen depending on how their body responded to the initial protocol.

The herbalism practiced through the lens of Tibetan medicine and being a registered herbalist in Ontario allows me to bring the benefits of both physical and psychological well-being to the Ontario community, supporting their health, well-being and vitality through natural means, and cultivating the lifestyles, dietary habits and mental patterns that sustain flourishing health.”