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Herbalist’s Bio:

“Drawing on over a decade of personal and professional work with bodies, nutrition, and plants, I  work with clients to develop unique treatment plans and blend custom botanical formulas. My aim is to find manageable starting points, address barriers to change, and to meet you wherever you’re at without judgement. The beauty of working with a tailored plan and custom herbal blend is that every herb is specific to you and your needs, and shifts in the formula can be made to follow shifts in your body and mind. After working with plants personally for many years, I felt called to learn more and to help share their magic. I love the ongoing unfolding and deepening connections, and seeing other people make those connections too! I strive to foster an inclusive, respectful practice, and will forever continue to educate myself further around how to do so. Prior to completing Diane Kent’s Clinical Herbalism program with a focus on the holistic understanding of the medical sciences, I practiced as a Registered Massage Therapist. I also studied Holistic Nutrition and provided individual, hands-on nutrition support.”