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Herbalist’s Bio:

“I graduated as a Holistic Nutritionist, from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in 2007. After years of practice in nutrition, I decided to further my education in the field of Traditional Western Herbalism, completing a four- year diploma in Clinical Herbalism from the Living Earth School of Herbalism graduating in 2018. 

My exposure to alternative healing therapies began with my own personal experiences; my diagnosis with an auto-immune disorder (Hashimoto, thyroiditis) and a very emotional and stressful journey with my husband’s non-Hodgkin lymphoma diagnosis. These experiences left me with a deep longing for knowledge and information on alternative medicine. 

I opened Nutritional Holistic Healing in 2008 after graduating as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. I began my practice doing in-house consultations for nutrition and weight loss. I was introduced to plant medicine while studying nutrition which left me with a thirst for learning more. After researching and reading more about plant medicine, I decide to go back to school for a course or two and ended up enrolling in the 4 year program at the Living Earth School of Herbalism. I fell in love with herbal medicine and its power and I now integrate holistic nutrition and herbal medicine into my practice. 

My approach to herbal medicine is to look at the individual as a whole being. I address the physical body along with the emotional and spiritual body as a whole. My philosophy is to address the root cause, and to see where the imbalances may occur. I go back years before their symptoms started. My approach is to start off slowly, selecting gentle herbs and simple dietary protocols, and then work our way up to deeper protocols. It’s important to work with the client at their pace, as everyone is unique and has their own story and healing process. 

A typical consultation would look like this – The first consultation is 90+ minutes. We go over the client’s health history in as much detail as possible. This is where we gather up all the client’s information starting from childhood to recent years. I then suggest simple dietary and supplemental recommendations, a meal plan, if necessary, and a herbal remedy if needed. The client receives the information within 2-3 business days via email. 

The next consult may last anywhere from 30-60 minutes. We go over all the client’s concerns, symptoms and recommendations, and go over the new protocols. I typically see the client every 4-8 weeks. 

I am truly passionate and enthusiastic about what I do in my practice. When I see my clients follow through with the recommendations, start taking their herbal medicine and then that slight shift starts to happen, where their energy increases, their sleep improves, their mind set is sharper, and they start to show up for themselves and their family; there is no better feeling for me. They start to feel alive again and this is what I love most about being a herbalist. 

I apply my knowledge and expertise about plant medicines and allow the plants to do all the healing. Plant medicine as a whole is so powerful. The plants are always working on many of our body systems simultaneously. They bring us back to a balanced and harmonious state, so we can live our true purpose here on earth. This is what I love to do and am happy to share my knowledge of these wonderful allies with others.”