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Medical Herbalist
Rosette Herbal Medicine
Kingston, ON


Herbalist’s Bio:

Jane is a community medical herbalist. She focuses on providing the education and tools for people to connect to plants as important medicines and allies in healing. Her clinic, rosette herbal medicine, offers workshops throughout the city, and herbal medicine consultations in-person and over the phone. Jane works collaboratively with each individual to create medicine tailored to their unique needs, and seeks to create a practice that is trans-inclusive, fat-positive, intersectional, and anti-colonial. She believes that when people are more active in their care and healing protocols, they are empowered and able to create greater change in their lives and their communities.

Jane graduated from the Western Herbal Medicine program at Pacific Rim College with a Diploma in Phytotherapy. During the program she studied biomedical sciences, therapeutics, physical examination skills, the materia medica of herbal medicine, nutrition, and herbal pharmacy. She also completed over 500 hours of clinic, where she assisted people with a variety of conditions. Common concerns she addresses include hormonal issues, digestive disorders, and mental and emotional dis-ease.