Ontario Herbalists Association

Promoting safe & natural healing with plants since 1982

The OHA is a self-governing body for professional herbalists in Ontario. The organization has no means to discipline a person or persons outside of its own membership. The organization can only discipline members that have been found to have violated the organization’s Code of Ethics, Code of Practice, Scope of Practice, the OHA by-laws, or provincial/federal law.

While the OHA acknowledges there are larger-picture issues coming up in the world, the OHA has always been a non-profit organization accepting members from any and all traditions and walks of life and this remains true to this day. The OHA strongly believes in and acts on equal treatment for all people, regardless of ethnicity or skin colour.

Recent disciplinary action occurred when two Formal Complaints were received from members of the public regarding an OHA member’s breach of the OHA Code of Ethics, a duty required by the organization as outlined in the OHA’s Disciplinary Procedure which was voted on and approved by OHA members.


Important Statement – 14 April 2021

The OHA is aware of the many perspectives concerning recent events in the herbal community. The OHA does not condone or endorse any defamatory activity carried out by any of its members or the broader herbal community.

Should the OHA receive a Formal Complaint of a member’s activity that violates the OHA’s Code of Ethics or Code of Practice, the concern will be brought to the OHA’s complaint procedure/resolution process to be addressed.

We encourage discussion of differing points-of-view among herbalists, carried on with respect and without disparagement.