Herbal Specific

Herbal Medicine Associations, Foundations, Societies, etc.

Ontario Herbalists Association
Canadian Council of Herbalist Associations (CCHA)
Herb Research Foundation
American Herbalists Guild
American Botanical Council
National Institute of Medical Herbalists
European Herbal Practitioners Association
European Scientific Cooperative on Phytotherapy
North American Institute of Medical Herbalism
National Herbalists Association of Australia

Herbal Journals, Magazines, etc.

Canadian Journal of Herbalism
European Journal of Phytotherapy

Herbal Schools

Dominion Herbal College
Scottish School Of Herbal Medicine
Living Earth School of Herbalism
University of East London
North American Institute of Medical Herbalism
SW School of Botanical Medicine
International College of Herbal Medicine

Herbal Monographs

David Hoffman’s herb monographs
Australian Naturopathic Network


Henriette Kress’s
Plant Image Database
Alternative Nature Online Herbal
Vascular Plant Imagery Library
Fuchs Botanical

Herbal Websites

Henriette Kress
Michael Tierra’s
Michael Moore’s Southwest School of Botanical Medicine
Howie Brounstein’s Home
Christopher Hobbs
Alternative Nature Herbal
Herb Med
Susun Weed
Northeast School of Botanical Medicine
Richter’s Herbs
Herbal Diary


Ethnobotanical Resource Directory
Ethnobotany Research and Applications

On-line Books and Old Journals

Links to Classic Herbals
Lots of books
The Merck Manual
Mrs. Grieves
Herbal Therapeutics Library
Homeopathy books
Culpeper’s Complete Herbal
Kings Dispensary
Medical Botany
Richters On-line Books

Specific Herbal Traditions: Ayurveda

Ayurvedic Institute Homepage
American Institute of Vedic Studies
Ayurveda Infocenter

Specific Herbal Traditions: Humoral

Unani Herbal Healing
The History of Melancholy
The Four Humours

Specific Herbal Traditions: Native American

Traditional Native American Indian Medicine
Earth Heart
Native American Herbal Remedies
Traditional Herbal and Plant Knowledge,
Uses Of Plants By The Indians Of The Missouri River Region

Specific Herbal Traditions: Traditional Chinese Medicine

History of Traditional Chinese Medicine
TCM Herb Library

Specific Herbal Traditions: Other Cultures

Aboriginal Medicine

History of Medicine

History of Medicine

Herb, Drug and/or Nutrient Interactions

Drug-nutrient Interactions Table