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Registered Herbalist and Practitioner of Traditional Indigenous and Western Herbal Medicine


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Herbalist’s Bio:

Dana Wood is a Registered Herbalist in Beausejour, Manitoba and a Professional Member of the Ontario Herbalists Association. She obtained her Certified Chartered Herbalist diploma from one of North America’s oldest herbal colleges – The Dominion College of Herbal Medicine (est. 1926).

Dana is also an Engineering Technologist,  graduate of the Bio-Engineering and Chemical Technology program at Red River College in Winnipeg.  She has over 20 years of combined experience working as both a quality lab technologist and a research scientist. Dana combines her traditional knowledge with her science-based knowledge to give her clients the most holistic and educated care.

Additionally, she has undertaken nearly 100 hours of shamanic spiritual healing instruction including plant spirit medicine from a registered Foundation of Shamanic Studies and is often called upon by indigenous groups to lead medicine walks and wellness events.

“As an Herbal Practitioner, I focus on eliminating the “root cause” of the ailment by assisting with the safe and effective restoration of balance within the body, mind and soul. When the root cause is addressed, the symptoms that the client is experiencing are more likely to be resolved.

In order to get a better understanding of the state of DIS-EASE and any underlying condition that may exist with each client, I have them fill out a comprehensive intake form which documents not only physical and emotional symptoms they may be experiencing, but also other medications they are currently taking, inclusive of all pharmaceuticals, herbals, vitamins and supplements.

I review each case thoroughly and the best herbal remedy is chosen for the situation which includes ensuring the herb is not contraindicated in any case and no known herb-drug interactions have been documented. This requires thorough review of TRC Therapeutic Research Centre Natural Medicines Interaction Checker prior to prescribing the personalized compounded remedy.

I strive to stay current with the rapidly advancing scientific-based research supporting benefits of using certain herbals and fungi for cancer, autoimmune disorders, neurodegenerative disorders, microbial infections, gastrointestinal illness, musculoskeletal conditions, endocrine/hormonal disorders, genitourinary conditions, respiratory conditions and more.”