Liability Insurance

Guidance documents are created to assist professional members of the OHA. Any procedures documented are not mandatory, and should not be represented as the official position of the OHA.Every effort has been made to ensure all information is correct, but members should check with legal or government sources as appropriate.

Professional Liability Insurance

While the OHA Board of Directors strongly believes that liability coverage for practitioners is necessary, we do not feel that our membership supports making such insurance mandatory at this time.

Insurance is available on an individual basis through various companies, and members are advised to explore different options. However, please be aware that not all policies cover the internal use of remedies.

As of June 2011, an option has been investigated and found adequate for herbal practitioners. This policy covers compounding and internal remedies.

Holman Insurance Brokers offer a policy which allows practitioners to select the required level of insurance. This includes various levels of professional liability with separate business insurance. OHA professional members are qualified to apply for this insurance, and may find the rates more affordable if they do not require insurance for an office. For more information and application forms, visit

The Board will endeavor to locate other policies in the future.

Citrus Air Freshener

This proportion fills a 250ml spray container. For multiple containers, MEASURE INDIVIDUALLY. Making a larger amount & pouring into separate bottles gives an uneven distribution because the essential oils will not stay dispersed long enough to pour.

  • 250 ml container
  • 50ml    95% alcohol*
  • 30 ml   Grapefruit essential oil
  • 10 ml   Sweet Orange essential oil
  • 5 ml      Lemongrass essential oil
  • 5 ml      Palma Rosa essential oil
  • 5 ml      Pine essential oil
  • 3ml       Eucalyptus essential oil
  • 1ml       Mandarin Orange essential oil
  • 125 ml  water to top off

Pour half the alcohol into the container, reserving the remaining half.

Measure out the essential oils and pour into the container.

When oils are dispensed, pour remaining alcohol into glass cylinder to rinse any left-over oils and add to the container. Add water to container and label.

Shake well before spraying.


*99% isopropanol from Shopper’s Drug mart is fine here because it is for external use.