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Applying for Professional Membership

What You Need to Know:

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Professional Member of the Ontario Herbalists Association. A successful applicant earns the designation of Registered Herbalist (RH).

Applicants for professional membership in the OHA must satisfy OHA Educational Standards, and practice in accordance with the professional Code of Ethics, Code of Practice and Scope of Practice.

Please note that membership in other professional associations, regardless of required standards, does not necessarily mean automatic acceptance as a professional member of the OHA. Supporting evidence of education and practice will be required.

To become a professional member, the applicant must complete and submit an application package as outlined in the Application Procedure page. Application packages will be checked for completion, including the required non-refundable processing fee of $56.50 ($50 + $6.50 HST), which must be submitted prior to review. Complete application packages will be reviewed by a committee and eligible applicant interviews will occur three times per year. Package submissions must be completed and received by the OHA office at least one month prior to the interview dates for eligibility. Email complete packages to office@ontarioherbalists.ca or mail to the address below:

The Ontario Herbalists Association
10-225 The East Mall, Box 1756
Toronto, ON  M9B 0A9

Upcoming Application Deadline: April 14, 2024 (interviews to be held mid-late May)
The next application deadline: September 2024 (interviews held October 2024)

PLEASE NOTE: All applicants under all categories are subject to final approval by the OHA Board of Directors.

Professional Members of the Ontario Herbalists Association are required to submit professional dues* and a record of Continuing Professional Development hours, annually. They are also required to abide by the OHA’s Code of Ethics and Code of Practice at all times. Failing to abide by the conditions of membership may render a member liable to disciplinary action which may result in loss of the privileges and benefits of Professional Membership in the Ontario Herbalists Association.

*The current annual professional dues are $254.25 ($225.00 + $29.25 HST). Newly accepted applicants will be asked to pay prorated annual dues upon approval of professional membership.

The Ontario Herbalists Association assumes no responsibility for any health care service or advice given by its Professional Members. Being accepted as a Professional Member does not guarantee an ability to practice herbal medicine.

Ready to Apply?

Complete and submit an application package as outlined in the Application Procedure page.

Additional Documents for Professional Members:

Bursary for Professional Members
Liability Insurance
Continuing Professional Development
Disciplinary Procedures
Renew Your Membership